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    Hippie Betty is a special one to me. The story with this one starts at the House of Blues in Orlando....

    Years ago, I purchased a Nag Champa soy candle there, fell in love with it. I grew up with my mom burning the incense, but never had I seen it in a candle! We usually traveled to Disney & That House of Blues location every year. They no longer carried it when I went back for it one of those trips. I knew someday, if I ever made candles this would be part of my line. It screams rock n roll, record stores and 70's jam sessions.

    Nag Champa is our earthy candle. Infused with patchouli & geranium essential oils. Sandalwood, musk and woody violet complete its amazing, relaxed feel.

    Rock on.

    -Made from 100% soy wax-expect the cleanest burn.

    -Our wicks are lead & zinc free

    -All fragrance oils used are Phthalate free!

    -made with love in small batches!